The Environment Board

The Environment Board is leading on delivery of environmental sustainability aspects of the One City Plan, working closely with the five other boards covering the themes of economy, homes, health and wellbeing, learning and skills, transport and connectivity.

In March 2020, the Board released the One City Climate Strategy. The strategy sets out the key things we need to do to achieve a carbon neutral and more climate resilient city by 2030. It describes the dramatic changes needed in our transport, heat and electricity networks, what we consume and waste, our food, businesses and public services, buildings, infrastructure and natural environment.

The associated evidence base includes an assessment of Bristol’s resilience to climate change, the carbon footprint of the economy of Bristol, a report on consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions for Bristol and a pathway to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 for the city’s direct emissions.

In September 2020, the Board launched the One City Ecological Emergency Strategy. This strategy is our city’s first co-ordinated effort to confront the ecological decline we face and put forward solutions that match the urgency and scale of the issue. It is intended to be fair, just and inclusive and focuses on four main issues: space for nature, pesticides, pollution and our wider footprint.

The Board, with the support of the One City Office, will now coordinate the city’s progress to make the changes required to deliver both strategies happen.

An open expressions of interest process led to the appointment of the Board’s first 18 members, see press release. Secretariat services are provided by Bristol Green Capital Partnership.

For a more detailed explanation of the new ways of working to tackle environmental sustainability in Bristol, see this blog by Ann Cousins, co-chair of the Environment Board.

A new Bristol Advisory Committee on Climate Change has also been established. This Committee will provide independent technical advice on achieving a carbon neutral city to all One City boards. More information on the Committee can be found here.

Terms of Reference: The Board’s terms of reference are here.

Enquiries: Any enquiries from interested businesses, organisations or individuals can contact the Board via the dedicated City Office email address Note that these will routinely be shared with Bristol Green Capital Partnership as secretariat.

Meetings: The Board held its first meeting on 10 July 2019 and intends to meet quarterly. Public observers are welcome: more information here.

Members and co-chairs: The current Board membership is as below. The Board’s co-chairs are Ann Cousins, Arup and Cllr Nicola Beech, Cabinet member for Climate, Ecology, Energy and Waste. Two further places on the Board have been reserved to improve the Board’s diversity, disabled people and young people. A process for making appointments is under development.


Name Business or Organisation
Ann Cousins (Co-Chair) Arup
Cllr Nicola Beech (Co-Chair) Cabinet member for Climate, Ecology, Energy and Waste at Bristol City Council
Ian Barrett Avon Wildlife Trust
Tricia Down North Bristol NHS Trust
Jessica Ferrow Bristol Green Capital Partnership (directors’ representative)
Gwen Frost Bristol Waste Company
Dan Green Wessex Water
Rebecca Kirk Environment Agency
Andrew Linfoot Jacobs
Iain McGuffog Bristol Water
Katherine Piper Future Economy Network
Simon Roberts Centre for Sustainable Energy
Dale Southerton Cabot Institute, University of Bristol
Sara Telahoun Anthesis
Zoe Willcox Bristol City Council
Savita Willmott Natural History Consortium

Further information

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