City Partners Group

The City Partners Group comprises leaders of key anchor institutions from across Bristol.

This is an informal group that meets regularly to collaborate on projects that will benefit citizens of Bristol and share news and questions from their own sectors and networks.

The main benefit is that partners can share information and new possibilities with those from networks they would not normally meet, for example, in a roundtable discussion that brought together Trust staff, BCC Directors, Care Home Directors and workers in Health and Social Care we were able to widen the discussion to other Partners such as City of Bristol College and First for their perspectives.

City Partners is not a Thematic Board and it does not have any voting or formal power; it exists to aid collaboration throughout the city.

City Partners are currently:

  • Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees
  • Ashley Community Housing, Fuad Mahamed
  • Avon & Somerset Police, Mark Runacres
  • Avon Fire & Rescue Service (AF&RS), Simon Shilton
  • Bristol & Bath Regional Capital, Ed Rowberry
  • Bristol Airport, Dave Lees
  • Bristol City Council, Stephen Peacock
  • Bristol Crown Court, Peter Blair
  • Bristol Waste, Dave Knight
  • Business in the Community, Brian Swallow
  • Business West, Victoria Matthews
  • City Funds, Andy Street
  • City of Bristol College, Julia Gray
  • Diocese of Bristol, Vivienne Faull
  • First West of England, Doug Claringbold
  • HMP Bristol, Vanessa Prendergast
  • Integrated Care System (ICB), Shane Devlin
  • Integrated Care System (ICB), Jeff Farrar
  • Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), Richard Bonner
  • North Bristol NHS Trust, Maria Kane
  • Oasis Academies, Steve Chalke
  • Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC), Mark Shelford
  • Public Health – BCC, Christina Gray
  • Sirona Care & Health, Sue Porto
  • The National Care Forum, Oona Goldsworthy
  • TUC, Ines Lage
  • University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust, Eugine Yafele
  • University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust, Jayne Mee
  • University of Bristol, Professor Evelyn Welch
  • University of the West of England (UWE), Tracey John
  • VCSE, Sandra Meadows
  • Voscur, Rebecca Mear
  • Quartet, Suzanne Rolt

The Terms of Reference, that were authored by City Office and agreed to by the City Partners, summarise the expected roles and responsibilities of all members.