Bristol One City

The One City Approach brings together a huge range of public, private, voluntary and third sector partners within Bristol. They share an aim to make Bristol a fair, healthy and sustainable city. A city of hope and aspiration, where everyone can share in its success.

Mayor Marvin Rees published the city’s first ever One City Plan on January 2019, a first written attempt to set out the challenge and bring the city together around its common causes. The third iteration of the One City Plan from 2021 is now available.

The Bristol City Office will provide a convening space for everyone who wants to be involved in the One City Approach. On this website you can find more information about the One City Plan, our new Dashboard, the alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and opportunities to get involved with One City initiatives.

Bristol One City Climate Ask

In partnership with the Economy and Skills board and Environment board the Bristol City Office has created a One City Climate Ask to help drive action on the One City Climate Strategy.

We ask that all organisations and businesses in Bristol:

  1. Declare an ambition to become Net Zero by 2030
  2. Commit to developing a plan to reduce carbon emissions within 6 months
  3. Start delivering on your plan within 12 months
  4. Inspire other businesses by sharing your journey. We want to share your stories as #BristolClimate Action

Our Offer to the city is that we will connect you to the businesses and networks that can support you to write that plan and to have it in place by 2022.

To declare your 2030 Net Zero ambition and more information and links to resources please see the link below.