Children and Young People’s Board

By 2050 everyone in Bristol will have the best start in life, gaining the support and skills they need to thrive and prosper in adulthood.

As one of six One City thematic boards, the Children and Young People’s Board will drive action and play a key role in coordinating delivery of the goals set out in the One City Plan. A central function of the Board is to ensure consideration for children and young people remains at the heart of all One City priorities and activity.

To do this, the Board will:

  • put children and young people at the centre of all it does, by listening to their needs, recognising their role as ‘the leaders of tomorrow’ as well as understanding how they can help shape the decisions of today.
  • provide leadership and strategic direction in how the city collectively responds to the needs of children and young people.
  • ensure inclusivity and diversity is at the core of all its work so that all children and young people in the city have a sense of belonging that empowers and enables them to thrive.
  • bring partners together to think creatively, talk openly and make progress in reducing inequality and child poverty in the city, ensuring all children have the best possible start in life.
  • commit to working collaboratively to break down any silos between sectors as well as working with other boards to tackle systemic challenges or maximise opportunities for working in partnership.


The interim Co-Chairs of the Children and Young People’s Board are Bristol Play and Youth Alliance, Rachel Robinson and South Bristol Youth, Emily Bailey.

There is a scheduled local election on Thursday May 2 for local Councillors and the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). Following the results, the political Co-Chair of the Children and Young People’s Board may be updated. The One City webpages will be updated after the 21 May 2024. For further information on the election please visit the Bristol City Council elections webpage.

Children and Young People’s Board members* are currently:

  • Bristol City Council, Hannah Woodhouse
  • Bristol Disability Equality Commission, Ruth Pickersgill
  • Bristol Youth Council representative
  • Children and Education – Bristol City Council, Hannah Woodhouse
  • Children’s Services – Bristol City Council, Fiona Tudge
  • City of Bristol College, Catherine Howett
  • Creative Youth Network, Mark Coates
  • Education & Skills – Bristol City Council, Reena Bhogal-Welsh
  • Education Specialist, Margaret Simmons-Bird
  • Empire Fighting Chance, Martin Bisp
  • Growing Futures UK, Desmond Brown
  • Off the Record (OTR), Adelaide Morgan
  • Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (BNSSG), Victoria Bleazard
  • Raised in Bristol, Annabel McGregor
  • The MAZI Project, Melanie Vaxevanakis
  • University of Bristol (UoB), Lucinda Parr
  • University of the West of England (UWE), Amanda Coffey
  • Wellspring Settlement, Afzal Shah
  • Youth Moves, Alistair Dale

*Members were elected in March 2022

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference document was revised and signed off in April 2022 in the first meeting of the Children and Young People’s Board:

One City CYP Board ToR_2022

Agenda and Minutes

7 February 2024 – Agenda and Minutes

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