Themes and Boards

The One City Plan is built around six core themes. All the initiatives within the One City Plan are underpinned by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which provide an internationally recognised framework to benchmark the city’s aspirations and progress.

Each of the six themes has its own vision for 2050 and its own thematic board to lead on review of their strand of the plan, and delivery of the goals. Additionally, these boards are supported by the Culture Board, the Bristol SDG Alliance and the Bristol Advisory Committee on Climate Change.

Children & Young People

By 2050 everyone in Bristol will have the best start in life, gaining the support and skills they need to thrive and prosper in adulthood.

Economy & Skills

By 2050 everyone in Bristol will contribute to a sustainable inclusive and growing economy from which all will benefit.


By 2050 Bristol will be a sustainable city with low impact on our planet and a healthy environment for all.

Homes & Communities

By 2050 everyone in Bristol will live in a home that meets their needs within a thriving and safe community.


By 2050 everyone will be well-connected with digital services and transport that is efficient, sustainable and inclusive; supporting vibrant local neighbourhoods and a thriving city centre.

Health & Wellbeing

By 2050 everyone in Bristol will have the opportunity to live a life in which they are mentally and physically healthy.