About the One City Plan

Launched in January 2019, the One City Plan describes where we want to be by 2050, and how city partners will work together to create a fair, healthy, and sustainable city.

The One City Approach

The One City Approach brings together a wide range of public, private, and third sector partners within Bristol. They share an aim to make Bristol a fair, healthy and sustainable city. A city of hope and aspiration, where everyone can share in its success.

The One City Plan

In January 2019 Mayor Marvin Rees launched the first iteration of Bristol’s One City Plan. The plan sets out our city’s key challenges up to 2050, and brings the city together around a shared vision. Drawing from feedback, input and consultations throughout the year, the City Office have produced the third iteration of the One City Plan.

This is the print version of the plan. The fully accessible timeline and narrative versions are available below.

Download the One City Plan 2021

The City Office

The Bristol City Office will provide a convening space for everyone who wants to be involved in the One City Approach, as well as managing production of future versions of the One City Plan.

A review of the City Office’s work and the progress made towards the goals set in 2020 is now available.

Download the City Office Annual Report 2020

Connecting Bristol

The new One City Dashboard has been produced by the City Office in partnership with Bristol City Council’s City Innovation Team. To find out more about their work, see Connecting Bristol.

Previous One City Plans and Annual Reports