Homes and Communities

By 2050 everyone in Bristol will live in a home that meets their needs within a thriving and safe community.

Please note: Since September 2020, the Homes and Communities Board has been on hiatus due to a period of re-organisation of this thematic area.

Our vision. By 2050:

  • 60,000 new homes will have been built, of which 24,000 are affordable, and since 2037 all new homes built in the city will be fully accessible.
  • Everyone will be able to access fuel, insulation and heating to ensure nobody suffers from a cold home.
  • The last sleeping bag used on the streets of Bristol by a homeless person will have been in the 2020s.
  • The number of empty properties will be reduced; the waiting time for social housing will be reduced, and Bristol will have the lowest rate of homelessness for any city of its size across the UK.
  • We will live without fear of hate crime.
  • We will hear fewer lone voices because social isolation will have halved since 2018. Shops, streets and community spaces will be age friendly and accessible to all.

In 2020, the three key priorities for Homes and Communities are:

  1. Bring forward three pioneering Modern Methods of Construction housing schemes, demonstrating Bristol as a national exemplar for delivering sustainable, affordable housing at pace
  2. Build on and deliver city-wide interventions to tackle homelessness with a focus on reducing the number of families in temporary accommodation
  3. Halt Harassment: Combating harassment in Bristol at night with a city wide roll out of a safe spaces policy with supporting framework.
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