By 2050 Bristol will be a sustainable city with low impact on our planet and a healthy environment for all.

Our Vision. By 2030 we will have delivered on the vital need to tackle climate change by becoming carbon neutral and our city will be more resilient to the challenges climate change will continue to bring. We will work with the city to champion climate action and make radical changes to how we live. This will result in a higher quality of life, and the promise of a more sustainable future.  By 2050 our city will be litter-free with the nitrogen dioxide levels of rural England. As well as this, the tree canopy and wildlife will have doubled compared to 2018 and biodiversity will be at a level never before seen in the city. Sustainability will be designed into our city, from renewable energy in our homes to zero-waste economies on our high-streets.

In 2021, the three key priorities for Environment are:

  1. Citywide activity launched to engage citizens on pathways to achieving Bristol’s 2030 climate and ecological goals, in lead up to the Conference of the Parties (COP).
  2. Bristol is a Gold Sustainable Food City and ‘Bristol Bites Back Better’ is actively supporting sustainability and resilience across our food system and continuing the work of the Food Equality Strategy.
  3. Ensure community and business led nature-based solutions are delivering multiple benefits e.g. improving habitats and reduce flooding and pollution across the West of England.

The Environment Board will also oversee the development of action plans to deliver on priorities of the One City Climate Strategy whilst actively responding to the recommendations made by the Bristol Advisory Committee on Climate Change.

The Environment board co-created the One City Climate Ask with the Economy board. If you are interested in making a commitment to Net Zero, there is more information on the link.

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