By 2050 everyone in Bristol will contribute to a sustainable inclusive and growing economy from which all will benefit.

Our Vision, By 2050:

  • Improved inclusion will enhance productivity and throughout the city our diverse population will be contributing to and benefitting from clean economic growth.
  • The economy will become more productive with greater inclusion, consequently delivering healthy and prosperous outcomes.
  • Unemployment will fall to 2% and there will be reduced inequalities between the highest and lowest earners in the city.
  • Compared with similar-sized cities in Europe, our productivity will be amongst the highest
  • Schools, colleges, universities and businesses will collaborate so that all young people are prepared to enter the economy.
  • Bristol will have an economy that works for everyone.

In 2020, the three key priorities for Economy are:

  1. Implement Bristol’s newly-recognised plan for Making a Living Wage City, engaging more employers and increasing wages for our citizens
  1. Using the Ways to Work network, create an inclusive and sustainable plan to help employees under-represented in green jobs (e.g. retrofitting homes) transition from high carbon industries
  1. Continue to improve the way Bristol tackles challenges, seizes opportunities and raises its global profile by taking part in knowledge exchanges with major world cities, focused on digital connections to limit non-essential air travel
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