Learning and Skills

By 2050 everyone in Bristol will have the best start in life, gaining the support and skills they need to thrive and prosper in adulthood.

Our vision. By 2050:

  • We will equip our people with skills for life. We will pride ourselves on an education system that provides equality of opportunity to each and every child.
  • Business leaders and employers will integrate lifelong learning opportunities into places of work. Integration will be the cornerstone of learning and skills and Bristol life.
  • Since the 2030s, no child with special educational needs or disabilities will have been segregated at school; support will have been provided where necessary to close the attainment gap.
  • At least half of our schools will have spaces that are used as community resource areas and our universities will have community learning hubs.
  • We will have witnessed exclusion rates decline and, by 2036, all young people aged 15 to 24 will have been in education, employment or training.

In 2020, the three key priorities for Learning and Skills are:

  1. In response to the new Ofsted framework Bristol education partners will ensure schools in, or at risk of moving into, special measures are supported to reverse this trend
  2. A minimum of 93 young people and adults with learning difficulties will achieve paid employment through a range of targeted learning and support, including careers advice, experience of work, skills development, supported internships and community enterprise
  3. Bristol WORKS will provide 2750 young people facing the greatest challenges with access to quality experience of work opportunities, providing insights into local industries with skills shortages and great career opportunities, such as the green economy and the health and care sector.

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