The One City Goals Dashboard

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Goal 02
Year: 2021

Introduce free bus travel for all 16 to 18 year olds to help connect and reconnect young people with the city

Goal 11
Year: 2021

Support community assets (such as community centres / groups) to reduce social isolation and improve mental wellbeing, focusing particularly on communities with mental health inequalities

Sub-theme: Mental health
Goal 13
Year: 2021

Deliver a pilot programme with Bristol communities, particularly council properties, to develop and increase access to communal and green spaces

Goal 31
Year: 2022

Discretionary licencing in the private rented sector has expanded to over 5,500 more homes

Goal 32
Year: 2022

Undertake a review of Bristol Home Choice (city’s social housing lettings system) to produce a revised fit for purpose social lettings policy for social housing providers and improve the experience of people using Home Choice

Goal 34
Year: 2022

Bus usage and passenger satisfaction increases as a result of the continued delivery of the bus deal

Theme: Transport
Goal 35
Year: 2022

An increase in short walking and cycling journeys benefits residents’ health and wellbeing and contributes to improved community resilience, a thriving local economy and reduced transport emissions, resulting in more liveable neighbourhoods

Theme: Transport
Goal 38
Year: 2023

By acting on what children, young people and their families tell us we have started to make a real difference to the city’s communal spaces and streets so that they feel safer and more welcoming