By 2050 everyone will be well-connected with digital services and transport that is efficient, sustainable and inclusive; supporting vibrant local neighbourhoods and a thriving city centre.

Our vision. By 2050 we will have stronger rail links to other cities, a mass transit system within the city, improved traffic management systems, city-wide ultra-fast broadband, automated vehicles, low-emission technologies and more will all have played a part in removing the obstacles and barriers to people connecting, whilst making connectivity as clean and green a process as possible.

In 2021, the three key priorities for Transport are:

  1. Continue the reduction in car traffic and support the revitalisation of the city centre, hospitality, retail, culture and night-time economy, by expanding active travel and public transport options and providing ongoing funding of essential transport.
  2. Co-design, with community organisations, the development of transport schemes to support our response and recovery to COVID-19.
  3. Clean Air Zone progressed with proportional supporting measures to encourage a reduction in traffic entering the city, allowing businesses and residents to adapt and the start of improved air quality
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