By 2050 everyone will be well-connected with digital services and transport that is efficient, sustainable and inclusive; supporting vibrant local neighbourhoods and a thriving city centre.

Our vision. By 2050 we will have stronger rail links to other cities, a mass transit system within the city, improved traffic management systems, city-wide ultra-fast broadband, automated vehicles, low-emission technologies and more will all have played a part in removing the obstacles and barriers to people connecting, whilst making connectivity as clean and green a process as possible.

In 2020, the three key priorities for Transport are:

  1. Funding measures are explored to secure investment to develop mass transit systems, including underground and overground, and increased support for public transport, cycling and walking options which will lead to improvements in the movement of people across the city
  2. Through the 2019 Bus Deal, deliver the first bus corridor upgrade, and begin the final stages of the city centre bus lane network, including the First Mile/Last Mile connections to journeys
  3. Make progress towards cleaner air in the fastest possible time by working with city partners on successfully planning for the launch of a Clean Air Zone in 2021, promoting behaviour change and increasing walking and cycling opportunities in the city centre
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