The One City Goals Dashboard

The One City Plan has 546 initiatives. This dashboard allows you to filter theme, sub-theme, relevant Sustainable Development Goal, year or keyword. If you have any feedback or suggestions for future goals please complete our short survey so we can improve this new tool.





Goal 12
Year: 2020

50 organisations will have committed to adopting and implementing the Mental Health at Work core standards

Sub-theme: Mental health
Goal 28
Year: 2021

Bristol’s three integrated community healthcare ‘localities’ will work more closely together to enable people to stay healthy, well and independent in their communities

Goal 29
Year: 2021

There will be a city wide systematic approach to embedding consideration of the impact on current and future health and wellbeing in all key policy development, ensuring that health outcomes are embedded in non-health policy

Goal 30
Year: 2021

Inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics is reduced by 50% to ensure that they continue to have effect when they are needed

Goal 37
Year: 2022

There has been a 25% reduction (based on 2018 figures) in those killed or seriously injured due to incidents on Bristol’s roads

Goal 46
Year: 2022

Over 50% of fast food outlets in the city sell healthy alternatives in line with the Bristol Eating Better Awards

Goal 48
Year: 2022

Meet or exceed all national targets for vaccination uptake, preventing the spread of infection and reducing the incidence of communicable disease

Goal 64
Year: 2023

Align the Bristol health and care system using a population health management approach