The One City Goals Dashboard

The One City Plan has 546 initiatives. This dashboard allows you to filter theme, sub-theme, relevant Sustainable Development Goal, year or keyword. If you have any feedback or suggestions for future goals please complete our short survey so we can improve this new tool.

There is also now a new Ward Profiles tool available to all, with information on many aspects of Bristol life including population, jobs and the economy, quality of life, health, education, and community safety for each ward in Bristol. There is now free access to more in-depth data across all these topics. Further information can be found on our Ward Profiles webpage





Goal 46
Year: 2023

The Integrated Care System is delivering preventive, proactive, personalised and integrated care, with the voluntary and community sector as an equal partner

Goal 51
Year: 2023

There are clear plans to tackle issues of damp, mould, and fire safety in Bristol’s housing which will include continuing work on fire safety in high rise accommodation.

Goal 56
Year: 2024

Citywide action to ensure the trauma informed practice model is embedded across all of Bristol’s statutory organisations and trauma informed practice is commonplace

Goal 57
Year: 2024

Tackle child-on-child abuse, violence and discrimination by working with the Keeping Bristol Safer Partnership to reduce youth violence

Goal 64
Year: 2024

30% more people living in the most deprived wards are doing more than 30 minutes physical activity per week compared to 2020

Goal 65
Year: 2024

100 organisations in Bristol have signed Mind’s Mental Health at Work Commitment and the work of Thrive at Night continues to support wellbeing in the night time economy

Sub-theme: Mental health
Goal 66
Year: 2024

Building on the partnership working during the pandemic Bristol has a better response to mental health, particularly in children and young people, to build resilience throughout the life course

Sub-theme: Mental health
Goal 74
Year: 2025

Bristol has an established annual celebration to champion children and young people in care and the parents and carers that support them