The One City Goals Dashboard

The One City Plan has 546 initiatives. This dashboard allows you to filter theme, sub-theme, relevant Sustainable Development Goal, year or keyword. If you have any feedback or suggestions for future goals please complete our short survey so we can improve this new tool.





Goal 08
Year: 2020

Ensure Bristol is accredited as a gold standard in the Sustainable Food City awards and establish a legacy programme

Goal 81
Year: 2024

Reduce need for HGVs to enter the city by establishing local food and freight distribution hubs

Goal 84
Year: 2024

90% of Bristol schools will have achieved a Healthy Schools Essential Award

Goal 90
Year: 2024

No child will go hungry at school, with school meals meeting the highest nutritional standards and available to all children

Goal 118
Year: 2026

Ensure it is the norm for children leaving primary school at age 11 to be able to cook a meal from scratch

Goal 119
Year: 2026

Levels of childhood obesity have stopped increasing

Goal 120
Year: 2026

Reduce the need for food banks in Bristol by tackling the root causes of food insecurity (the ability to secure enough food of sufficient quality and quantity to allow you to stay healthy and participate in society)

Goal 135
Year: 2027

Significant increase in number of citizens choosing environmentally friendly diet (including plant-based)