In January 2019, Bristol came together as a city to publish the first iteration of the One City Plan and agree to work towards its vision of “a fair, healthy and sustainable city” by 2050.

Six thematic ‘One City’ boards will drive action and deliver on the goals set out in the Plan. Alongside boards covering the economy, health and wellbeing, homes and communities, connectivity, and learning and skills, a new Environmental Sustainability (ES) Board has been established and met for the first time in July 2019.

The ES Board and its members will lead, support and advise on action to deliver on the environmental sustainability elements of the One City Plan and Our Future, including accelerating progress towards carbon neutrality.

A vital part of this will be a new Bristol Advisory Committee on Climate Change (BACCC). This will provide all of the One City boards with relevant technical expertise to accelerate progress towards a carbon neutral, climate-adapted city.

This new Committee will:

  • act as an independent technical committee to advise the Bristol City Office – the six ‘One City’ thematic boards, Bristol City Council and other stakeholders – on reducing greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation) and preparing for climate change (adaptation);
  • advise on the setting a carbon budget for the city and emissions trajectory;
  • provide independent technical advice: both in response to requests for advice from One City boards and also proactively by identifying key areas for action; and
  • monitor and report on progress in reducing emissions and achieving carbon budgets and targets; and
  • aim to engage as widely as possible.

The Committee will report to the City Office, including to the ES Board’s quarterly meetings and to other boards as necessary. Its first co-chairs will be drawn from the city’s two universities: Professor James Longhurst (University of the West of England) and Dr Jo House (University of Bristol).

It intended that the new Committee will link with the UK Committee on Climate Change, established under the 2008 Climate Change Act, and also with fellow city-level equivalents across. Bristol Green Capital Partnership CIC will provide administrative support to the Committee.

We are seeking around 15 members for the new Committee. Individuals should have technical expertise and the capacity to engage. While they may also be in a position to bring the depth of their organisations’ expertise and resource to this work, applications from individuals with relevant expertise and capacity are also encouraged. Candidates’ expertise could be drawn from the academic, public, private or civil society sectors. We are also seeking to identify individuals with technical expertise and capacity to join a new register of experts in relevant areas.


Expressions of interest are now open and being invited to the Bristol City Office until 11:59am on 9 September 2019. For more information on how to apply, please click here.