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Goal 31
Year: 2022

Discretionary licencing in the private rented sector has expanded to over 5,500 more homes

Goal 32
Year: 2022

Undertake a review of Bristol Home Choice (city’s social housing lettings system) to produce a revised fit for purpose social lettings policy for social housing providers and improve the experience of people using Home Choice

Goal 33
Year: 2022

All housing associations have Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance (DAHA) accreditation to combat domestic violence and working with Bristol’s legal sectors we have developed pro-bono support for those facing domestic abuse

Goal 49
Year: 2023

Collaboration across the city ensures the integration of climate and ecological standards in the strategic overarching development framework to guide housing, employment and infrastructure (Joint Spatial Plan)

Goal 50
Year: 2023

The delivery of Liveable Neighbourhoods and Neighbourhood Development has empowered people within their neighbourhoods and fostered wellbeing and community across Bristol

Goal 51
Year: 2023

The work of the History Commission, Culture Board and Homes Board has integrated the city’s history into the fabric of the city

Goal 67
Year: 2024

With a diverse public sector workforce which represents the communities they serve, residents feel safe in their communities, and confident reporting crime, abuse and anti-social behaviour

Goal 68
Year: 2024

Bristol’s employers have provided work placements for adults and people who would be vulnerable to homelessness, reducing the numbers in temporary accommodation