The One City Goals Dashboard

The One City Plan has 546 initiatives. This dashboard allows you to filter theme, sub-theme, relevant Sustainable Development Goal, year or keyword. If you have any feedback or suggestions for future goals please complete our short survey so we can improve this new tool.





Goal 25
Year: 2022

First City Leap Energy Partnership projects deliver low carbon and smart energy infrastructure that support Bristol to become carbon neutral by 2030

Goal 45
Year: 2023

Innovation in renewable energy, infrastructure and ecological services is maximised through strategic partnerships to deliver the transition to a sustainable city

Goal 100
Year: 2026

The number of fuel poor homes in Bristol has significantly reduced, with improved energy efficiency of homes and increased access to advice services

Goal 115
Year: 2027

30% of all electricity consumed in the city is generated from local, renewable sources with communities actively engaged and included

Goal 135
Year: 2028

Smart energy technology is installed in over 75% of homes in Bristol to support the efficient use of energy, particularly from sustainable sources and contribute to ending fuel poverty

Goal 241
Year: 2034

Every public building in the city meets the highest standard of energy efficiency

Goal 242
Year: 2034

Domestic energy consumption data is shared openly with local authorities, as reported by connected applications

Goal 315
Year: 2038

Local energy storage solutions help manage peak energy use periods across the local network