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Making Bristol a Living Wage City

We’ve been working with a strong, core group of employers in the city to drive change and reduce in-work poverty. In 2019, we were formally recognised by the Living Wage Foundation for our efforts to make Bristol a Living Wage City. Bristol was one of the first UK cities to achieve this acknowledgement.

What the Living Wage is

The real Living Wage is a wage which meets everyday needs. It is paid by over 7,000 UK businesses, providing benefits including higher staff retention and productivity and enhanced reputation.

The Bristol Living Wage City initiative achieved national recognition in December 2019, with an ambitious three-year sector-based programme to:

  • engage and support businesses large and small from all sectors to become Living Wage employers
  • target industry areas where low pay is most common, such as social care, hospitality, retail and tourism
  • increase the number of accredited Living Wage employers in Bristol to 361 by the end of 2023

The group’s aim is to more than double the number of accredited Living Wage employers in Bristol – both large and small – by the end of 2022, ensuring that over 40,000 staff are paid the real Living Wage, which is currently £9.90 per hour. By paying the real Living Wage, employers are taking a stand to ensure their employees can earn a fair wage which is enough to live on.

Kate Hanks – Head of People and Places, Great Western Credit Union

Investing in our team is of paramount importance in building our culture of service excellence and paying a true Living Wage is a really important part of our commitment to our team…Many of our members work in lower paid jobs and we believe wholeheartedly that they deserve a proper Living Wage too. That’s why we are so passionate about turning Bristol into a Living Wage city – paying a proper wage means better outcomes for us all as citizens and can be life-changing for those who benefit.

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Lindsay Berresford – Co-founder and CEO, Quirky Campers

I was already aware of the Living Wage as a concept but the first time that I realised it was something you could become accredited for was actually spotting it on another business’s website…We were already paying everybody over the Living Wage but I think what really appealed to me was both us committing to ourselves and having that accountability that we would continue to do that, no matter who we took on. And then also be able to be recognised for something that we were already doing.

We want to give everybody the flexibility and the resources to live the life that they really want.

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Become a Living Wage employer

Being a Living Wage accredited employer can bring advantages to you as a business and to your staff. Paying the real Living Wage shows can enhance your reputation, make you more attractive as an employer to potential staff and boost your bids for tenders.

You may already be paying your staff the real Living Wage of £9.90 per hour, so get recognised and join the growing network of Living Wage businesses across Bristol and the West of England.

You can find more information about the Living Wage and how to become an accredited employer on the Living Wage Foundation website or by emailing

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Accredited Living Wage employers

The list of accredited Bristol Living Wage employers is on the Living Wage Foundation website. The list can be filtered by sector, locally or nationally.