The Bristol Race Equality Strategic Leaders’ Group

The Bristol Race Equality Strategic Leader’s Group is made up of leaders from 12 public sector agencies in Bristol. The group was set up to look at the issues raised in the Bristol Manifesto for Race Equality and has recently undertaken work looking at the diversity of employees in the public sector as well as difference in pay between BAME and white employees. The group meet once every two months to discuss how public sector agencies can work together to improve the opportunities and experiences of BAME individuals and communities.

In 2017 and 2018 they looked at the race diversity of staff in public sector agencies across Bristol. The report showed individual organisations and collective race diversity of all public sector staff working in Bristol. This was compared to the population of Bristol to see how representative the public sector workforces are. It included:

  • Ethnicity of employees
  • Difference in pay by ethnicity
  • Sickness data by ethnicity
  • Grievance and disciplinary by ethnicity

Action groups made up of Directors and Senior HR leaders from the public sector organisations have been set up to look at the data findings. They’ll work together to increase diversity and improve the inclusion of staff across all organisations.

Please follow the links to review the Data Report and Annual Report.